Friday, 1 February 2013

Tuna, Horseradish and Cucumber Sushi with no rice

As I am having a very challenging week on the social front and I will only be able fast on Sunday, Camila has kindly sent another contribution for the blog, and this time she event took pictures! She had this on her fast day on Tuesday and it only cost her 204 calories (more if you add soy sauce).


130 grams of Tuna Steaks (canned with spring water, drained) - 155 calories
5 grams of Horseradish Sauce - 5 calories
60 grams of Fromage Frais - 30 calories
50 grams of Cucumber - 5 calories
1 tablespoon of Chives - 1 calories
2 sheets of Seaweed - 2 calories


Put the Tuna Steaks, the Horseradish and the Fromage Frais through the food processor until it is reduced to a paste. You can add the chives to the paste or do as Camila has done and keep them whole. Once this is done, place the sheets of Seaweed on a sushi mat and spread the paste evenly throughout. Place the cucumber and the Chives in the middle.

Roll it up using the mat and seal the roll with a bit of water. Slice it up and voila!

I don't know about you guys, but I will be trying this very soon!

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