Monday, 11 February 2013

Day 11

Brunch - 155 calories

30 grams of Wild Mushroom Antipasto - 24 calories
Omelette - 131 calories
   - 1 Egg (71 calories)
   - 2 Egg Whites (34 calories)
   - 2 slices of Smoked Ham (24 calories)
   - 2 sprays of Fry Light (2 calories)

Dinner - 347 calories

3 Grilled Lamb, Garlic and Rosemary Chipolatas - 165 calories
50 grams of Petit Pois Peas - 34 calories
50 mls of Beef Gravy - 15 calories
Potato, Carrot and Spring Onion Mash - 133 calories
   - 100 grams of Potatoes (79 calories)
   - 100 grams of Carrots (41 calories)   
   - 1 Spring Onion (5 calories)
   - 15 mls of Milk (8 calories)

Grand Total -  502

And how did it go?

Having gone out on Saturday night and having a little bit too much Prosecco, I woke up on Sunday feeling like having some comfort food. Too bad I was fasting. However, after a mathematical exercise, I managed to come up with a 5:2-friendly recipe for Sausages & Mash. Was it really comfort food? Not reaaally. Do I still want Bangers and Mash? You bet. I am not going to lie to you, it was no substitute for good old pub grub, but it was really delicious, nevertheless. 

After spending approximately 45 minutes looking like a mad woman on the sausage isle at Tesco's, checking every single label while clutching at the calculator on my phone, I ended up picking some Lamb Chipolatas which were alright. For the mash I must admit I was tempted to get something ready-made, but decided to cook it from scratch and it turned out great. As with everything, it would've benefited from a knob of butter. Next time I'm having mash, I'll make sure it is on a feed day.

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