Saturday, 23 February 2013

Day 14

Brunch - 235 calories

1 Scrambled Egg - 71 calories
1 Scrambled Egg Whites - 17 calories
3 Ryvita Crackerbread  - 57  calories

2 Streaky Bacon Rashers - 90 calories

Dinner - 268 calories

Red Pepper Risotto 

   - 100 grams of Red Pepper (37 calories)   
   - 30 grams of Basmati Rice, uncooked (123 calories)   
   - 50 grams of Onions - (21calories)
   - 13 grams of Parmesan (52 calories)
   - 350mls of Chicken Stock (35 calories)

Grand Total: 503 calories

And how did it go?

I could have sworn that I had Arborio Rice at home, turns out I didn't. Anyone in London today would've forgiven me for refusing to go out again to the shops in this cold weather so, fighting against my very Italian blood, I made this tasty little risotto with Basmati Rice. I didn't turn out as creamy as it would've been with the Arborio Rice and I also didn't have the budget to add the white wine, but nevertheless this dish was a success, even though the portion was on the smaller side. I used Chicken Stock, but for all of you vegetarians out there, this is easily done with Vegetable Stock. I have also given up on the Fry-Light thing and have fried the onion and the pepper with a bit of stock, as per Camila's suggestion.

To be honest with you, I find fasting on a weekend day a bit of a drag but, if you're like me and enjoy a spot of lying-in on the weekends, it has the advantage that you sleep through most (or all) of the morning. I wouldn't choose Saturday or Sunday - or even Friday for that matter - for a fast day if I had a choice, but my weeks have been a bit mad and sometimes I don't manage to find two non-consecutive days to fast from Monday to Thursday. It is a pain in the neck, but it also passes quickly. As with everything about the 5:2 diet, it is a small concession to make to feel better and be healthier.

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