Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Day 7

Breakfast - 40 calories

Weight Watcher's Hot Chocolate - 40 calories

Lunch - 229 calories

Pret's Kale and Garden Vegetable - 229 calories

Dinner - 190 calories

50 grams of boiled Basmati Rice - 65 calories

Vege Green Curry - 125 calories

   - 50 grams of Courgettes (10 calories)
   - 50 grams of Aubergines (10 calories)
   - 50 grams of White Mushrooms (8 calories)
   - 25 grams of Leeks (7 calories)
   - 3 sprays of Fry Light (3 calories)
   - 65 grams of Green Thai Curry Sauce (87 calories)

Snacks - 36 calories

1 Ryvita crackerbread  - 19 calories
10 grams of Sundried Tomatoes (canned, drained) - 17 calories

Grand Total: 495 calories


45 minutes of Boxercise
20 minutes of Swimming

And how did it go?

Honestly, it's getting easier and easier. I went for a light breakfast, as I was never a big breakfast person and I have been having this Hot Chocolate on my feed days with milk, which is much nicer than to have it with hot water, the case on this fast day. It's not the best hot chocolate in the world, but it does its job. Mostly due to lack of planning on the day before, I got my lunch from Pret. The soup was on the smaller side, but it tasted good and not like one of those watery, diety soups. For dinner I cooked a vegetable green curry, which turned out delicious. It didn't go completely according to plan, because I overestimated how much 100 grams of Curry Sauce would turn out to be, so I left some of the vegetables I had bought out and put a bit more sauce in. I cooked enough for two portions and put the other one on the freezer, so I can have it in a few weeks time. This way, the actual cooking portions were twice of what I put above.

Again, I had lots of energy at the gym and during my day at work. Some people have said that they would be bitchy if they were only allowed 500 calories in a day but, if I may say so myself, I don't feel like I'm in a bad mood during my fast days. I hope my co-workers and boyfriend agree and are not just scared to say otherwise...

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