Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Day 5

Breakfast - 88 calories

1 boiled Egg - 71 calories
1 boiled Egg Whites - 17 calories

Lunch - 240 calories

1 Itsu Tuna and Salmon Box - 240 calories

Dinner - 150 calories

130 grams of Chili and Coriander Prawns (bought cooked and peeled) - 117 calories

100 grams of Mixed Vegetables and Mushrooms - 33 calories

Snacks - 17 calories

1 Seafood Stick - 17 calories

Grand total 495

And how did it go?

I decided to see if I could find anything for lunch that I could buy on the spot, instead of preparing it at home or weighing everything at work and I found that Itsu had quite a few options for under 200 calories (and not all of them involved seafood). I had planned to get something else, but true to my chubby self, when I saw that the biggest sushi box would only cost me 240 calories, I went for that one. This way, the noodles I had planned for dinner ended up being just prawns and vegetables, still very delicious, but I am looking forward to trying the noodles another day. Another good thing was that the  Prawns I bought came with Chili and Coriander sauce, so no need to add any other sauce and I cooked the vegetables in it, so I saved a few calories there and was able to eat a bit more prawns.

Although there was nothing wrong with any of the meals, this was by far the most difficult day. Both lunch and dinner were delicious, and I will definitely repeat them in the future, but it was just a seafood overdose, even for a seafood lover like me! I ended the day with a headache and a bit nauseous. So I won't be overdosing on anything again in the future. You live, you learn, I guess.

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