Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Day 3

Breakfast - 127 calories

3 Ryvita crackerbread  - 57 calories
40 grams of Roasted Peppers (canned) - 37 calories
30 grams of Philadelphia Extra Light - 33 calories

Lunch - 147 calories

150 grams of Prawns (bought cooked and peeled) - 120 calories

100 grams of Asparagus Tips (boiled in salty water) - 25 calories
1 Lemon Wedge - 2 calories

Dinner - 210 calories

Camila's Scrambled Eggs - 180 calories

70 grams of Mushrooms - 15 calories
30 grams of Rocket Salad - 5 calories
10 mls of Balsamic Vinegar - 10 calories

Snacks - 11 calories

20 grams of Blueberries - 11 calories

Grand total - 495 calories 

40 minutes of Boxercise

And how did it go?

As I said on Day 2, I wanted to change a bit my breakfast and this 5:2er bruschetta was delicious, even though it was a bit more calorific that I wanted at first, so I had to compromise on the snacks. My lunch not only looked good, it tasted good as well. Definately a keeper. Camila's Scrambled Eggs for dinner were very tasty too, the picture doesn't do it much justice, and the good thing about it is that you can add more things to it if you have saved calories during the day, or you can take thing out if you have had a heavier lunch.

I also went to the gym at lunch time and did some boxing. It was quite a heavy class, but I had energy throughout. In comparison, on Monday I went running at 6pm, after having had a heavy lunch and it was the contrary! I had no energy at all, it took a lot of effort to drag myself through 25 minutes in the treadmill, by which point I gave up and went home, panting.

All in all, a good "fast day", with no bad ideas and a few keepers.

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