Monday, 15 April 2013

Day 22

Lunch - 222 calories

1 can of Chicken Noodle Soup (Heinz) - 126 calories
1 Packet of Fiery Worcester Sauce & Sun-Dried Tomato ProperCorn - 96 calories

Dinner - 284 calories

Courgette and Red Kidney Bean Burguer with Onion Chutney and Mediterranean Cous Cous

Vege Burguer Patty - 129 calories
5 grams of Onion Chutney - 8 calories
115 grams of  Tesco's Mediterranean Cous Cous - 143 calories
4 sprays of Fry Light - 4 calories


Grand Total - 506 calories 

And how did it go?

I got the idea for the vege burger from here, but adapted it to use the courgette I had in the fridge. It turned out tasty, but I'd follow that other recipe more closely next time, as it looks more like a burger than the one I made. I used 150 grams of Courgettes (30 calories), a tin of Red Kidney Beans (280 calories), 150 grams of Onion (63 calories) and 1 Egg-whites (17 calories) and got 3 patties out of it.

I grated the courgette and diced the onion and "fried" them on some water. On a separate pan, I boiled the kidney beans for 5 minutes and  added them to the courgette and onion mixture. I then mashed the ingredients as much as I could and waited for it cool down a bit before adding the egg-whites, for binding. After portioning into 3 patties, I used Fry Light on a non-stick pan and very carefully cooked the patties on both sides and VoilĂ ! 

After a big holiday and 2 weekends away in 2 months, I'm trying to do 4:3 this week to kick start my weight loss again. While I haven't lost much in weight, I have lost in measurements and haven't put on any kilos after indulging in some, more like a lot of, Brazilian, Dutch and French food. 

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